About Us

Jacqueline Martin MIT, MRSPH

Jacqueline trained at the Institute of Trichologists (I.O.T) and qualified as a Consultant Trichologist in 2008. The I.O.T is the worlds first professional Trichological organisation and is still regarded as the leading educational facilitator in this field. 


In addition to anatomy and physiology, training also requires the study and understanding of genetics, chemistry, microbiology and nutrition. This diverse knowledge base, together with our holistic approach enables correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment of patients' hair loss and scalp disorders


Since setting up the  trichological practice in 2009 Jacqueline has been treating, advising  and supporting patients suffering from various hair-loss and scalp disorders. Although our clinics are based in Northampton, Leicester and Milton Keynes we regularly see patients that have travelled from much further afield. 



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About Trichology

Trichology is the science and study of the hair and scalp and falls under the wider medical umbrella of dermatology. A trichologist specialises in hair-loss and hair and scalp disorders alone, whereas a dermatologist specialises in all aspects of skin, hair and nails disorders. 

The Consultation 

Although no longer vital for our general health or survival, our hair still plays a significant role in our personal self expression as individuals (choice of length, colour style etc), and the emotional and psychological effects of an occurrence of hair-loss on an individual should not be underestimated or trivialised. Patients find that being able to fully discuss such issues and receive a diagnosis and understanding of the condition, helps to reduce the worry and stress they had been experiencing.


A new patient consultation at one of our clinics in Northampton, Leicester or Milton Keynes will normally last between 45 minutes to an hour.  Our holistic approach involves a detailed discussion with the patient to build a full case history followed by an examination of the patients hair and scalp. A diagnosis will be given at the end of the consultation and (if relevant) treatment/s discussed. 


Sometimes it may be necessary to refer a patient to another healthcare professional for further assessments to confirm a diagnosis, and/or obtain more specialised treatment. in such circumstances we will normally provide the initial referral letter at no extra cost to the patient. 



 We offer a professional and supportive service 'providing therapeutic care for your scalp and hair' and look forwarding to helping you.


With clinics in Northampton, Leicester and Milton Keynes we treat patients throughout Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.