Did you know that many types of hair loss are indicative of other underlying health issues?

This is why any abnormal hair loss you are experiencing should always be investigated.


The covid-19 pandemic has seen many people put other health concerns on hold.

August is National Hair loss awareness month and the perfect opportunity to investigate your hair loss, get a diagnosis and put your mind at rest. 






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We know any type of hair loss  (alopecia) is very distressing and having an itchy, flaky or pustular scalp condition can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. At our clinics we pride ourselves on providing a discreet, supportive and sympathetic trichological service to all our patients.


 Are you currently experiencing any of the following?


  The Martin Hair & Scalp Clinic Leicester / Northants Trichological Clinic can help.


Trained, qualified and registered with the Institute of Trichologists, (the world’s oldest Trichological Association) we fully uphold their Code of Ethics and treatment is only offered where deemed necessary, appropriate and beneficial.


If you are experiencing any type of hair loss (alopecia) or scalp disorder (whether new or an ongoing issue that has not resolved) and have been embarrassed about seeing someone, or unsure who to go to for help, then please get in touch.



We offer a professional and supportive service 'providing therapeutic care for your scalp and hair' and look forwarding to helping you.



With clinics in Northampton, Leicester and Milton Keynes we treat patients throughout Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Coventry, Warwickshire Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.