What is Trichology?


It is the science and study of the hair and scalp in relation to its structure, function and associated diseases or abnormalities. Trichology falls under the wider medical umbrella of dermatology.


A Trichologist specialises in hair loss from the scalp and hair and scalp disorders only. A dermatologist specialises in the wider area of skin, hair and nail disorders relating to the whole body. 


The emotional and psychological effects of an occurrence of hair loss on an individual cannot be underestimated and should never  be trivialised. Patients often say their trichology consultation at the clinic is the first time they have felt their condition is being taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. Just being able to fully discuss the issue and receive a diagnosis and understanding of the condition provides great relief to patients.


 Our Trichologist can diagnose, advise, treat and offer re-assurance on a wide range of hair and scalp disorders.  


 A new patient consultation at one of our clinics will normally last between 45 minutes to an hour.  Our holistic 

approach involves a detailed discussion with the patient to build a full case history relating to health, lifestyle, nutrition and

environment. This is followed by an examination of the patient's hair and scalp. A diagnosis and prognosis will be given at the end of the consultation and (if relevant) treatment/s discussed. 


Sometimes it may be necessary to refer a patient to another healthcare professional for further assessments to 

confirm a diagnosis, and/or obtain more specialised treatment. in such circumstances where written referrals are required it will be necessary to make a nominal charge to cover the Trichologist's time outside of the consultation appointment.



If you are experiencing any type of hair loss (alopecia) or scalp disorder (whether new or an ongoing issue that has not resolved itself) and have been wary or embarrassed about seeing someone or unsure who to go to for help then please get in touch.


Consultation fee - £130



                                  Treatment is only offered where deemed necessary, appropriate and beneficial. 


Any recommended treatment will be based on the diagnosed condition and any symptoms being experienced by the patient.


Hair loss: Depending on type of hair loss and cause, regular in-clinic stimulating hi frequency and light therapy treatments may be prove suitable. Alternatively a topical or prescribed medication may be a more appropriate treatment. The  consultation diagnosis and subsequent prognosis discussion will determine this. Advice will also be given regarding any dietary, nutrition, hair care and lifestyle issues if they are found to be contributory factors to the hair loss. 


In-clinic treatments - start from £40 per treatment.

A combination of electrotherapy treatments, laser and scalp massage.



Scaling / scalp disorders: Depending on the severity of the condition a course of in-clinic treatments may initially be needed to bring the condition under control. We understand how difficult it can be for patients to properly apply treatments/preparations themselves at home, especially to areas of the scalp that are not view-able or easily reached.

We will never provide you with a handful of medications and send you away to manage on your own. We pride ourselves on working with patients by commencing treatment in-clinic until the condition is under control.  It can then be maintained at home with the appropriate shampoos and creams specifically formulated for their particular needs.

Patients are fully supported with occasional follow up appointments to review progress and adjust treatment as necessary. 


In-clinic treatments - from £50 per treatment



In 2020 we introduced the award winning Phillip Kingsley range of trichological products into our clinics for use during in-clinic treatments for scalp and haircare and also for patients to purchase for home use. The products particularly compliment well with our steam treatments to provide deep cleansing and exfolliation of the scalp as well as excellent hydration and strength to hair strands. Patient feedback has been so good that we are now incorportating more products from their range. 




Consultation                            £130*                             

(up to 60 minutes)              


1st review following consultation         

(45 - 60 minutes)                      60-75


Progress reviews/scalp checks              

(30 - 45 minutes)                      30-45



Re-consultation                         90                     

(up to 45 minutes)                

6 months to1 year of initial consultation



*nb: In the event of the consultation/re-consultation exceeding allotted time an addtional charge may be payable. You will be notified in advance in these circumstances.


If more than 12 months have passed since last appoinment a new consultation will be required


In-clinic treatment hair loss                                    

30 minutes                                   40


In-clinic treatment - hair loss

including  progress review      

45 minutes                                   60



In-clinic treatment

scalp conditions

60 - 75 minutes  from                  50 - 65



PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of £35 will be required to secure a consultation/re-consultation appointment. This will be offset against the total fee with the remainder payable at the consultation.



Non attendance/late cancellations of appointments negatively impact the running of our clinics and our ability to offer the appointment to another patient. To minimise these occurrences it is necessary to implement the following cancellation policy.





We ask that minimum 2 working* days notice is given to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If this notice period is not allowed the following will apply:


Consultations/reconsultation appointments

Deposit will not be refunded or reimbursed against a future appointment


Follow-up / review / treatment appointments

Payment of full fee re missed appointment will be required before a new appointment is scheduled


*For purpose of this cancellation policy working days are defined as Monday-Saturday (excluding bank holidays)




'I had noticed my hair shedding at what, to me, felt like an alarming rate over the previous year. I got to the stage where I was afraid to wash my hair due to the amount that was left in the plug hole each time. I was in a state of constant anxiety, which I’m sure didn’t help the problem. I’d tried numerous pills and shampoos, and treatments and blood tests results from my GP had come back normal. I found Jacqueline’s practice on line and am so glad that I made an appointment.

Jacqueline is both professional and reassuring and put me at ease from the start. She was very thorough at my initial appointment at assessing my diet, health, lifestyle and medication/ supplements I was taking, as well as how I was treating my hair. I can honestly say I stopped worrying for the first time in months after I left that appointment, as I knew I was in good hands and felt positive that I would get the best possible outcome if I followed her advice.  I don’t know which of us was more pleased after my appointment this week when we compared photos and could quite clearly see new hairs regrowing since my last visit..!

Pick up the phone….you won’t regret it.

Thank you Jacqueline'.
A P - Leicestershire


Please visit our Testimonials page to see more genuine feedback received from our patients.



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