Scaly Scalp & Scalp Disorders

Scaly scalp. Scalp psoriasis

Like the skin on the rest of our body our scalp is affected by such factors as our general health, environment, nutritional intake, medications, stress, cosmetic/styling products and general handling. Scalp disorders present in many different ways and cover a wide range of conditions each with their own specific signs and symptons. These may include one or more of the following: itching, sore/tender/burning sensations, varying degrees of flaking/scaling, spots/pustular activity and even thinning hair / alopecia. The most commonly seen scaly scalp conditions include dandruff, seborrhoeic eczema and scalp psoriasis.


While some scalp conditions can be fully resolved others can at best be only controlled and managed with treatment. Unfortunately, there are some disorders that cause scarring of the scalp resulting in permanent hair loss to the affected area; early diagnosis and treatment is therefore essential to limit the extent of any permanent loss. 


Our Trichologist will undertake a thorough examination of your hair and scalp to diagnose your scalp condition, and offer expert advice and where appropriate provide specialised scalp treatments both in-clinic and also for home use.


We take pride in working closely with our patients to get their scalp condition under control with our in-clinic treatments using specifically custom made preparations to soften and remove the build up of scales and improve the overall health of the scalp. We also assess and advise on the appropriate treatment plan to manage the condition at home and maintain a healthier scalp. Our in-clinic treatments compliment and work well alongside any topical medications prescribed by your GP for treating scalp related eczema and psoriasis of the scalp.



At the start of 2020 we introduced the award winning Phillip Kingsley range of trichological products into our clinics for use during in-clinic treatments for scalp and haircare issues and for patients to purchase for home use. The products particularly compliment well with our own steam treatments to provide deep cleansing and exfoliation of the scalp and excellent hydration and strength to hair strands. Patient feedback has been so good that we are now incorportating more products from their range.


If you are suffering from a scaly / flaky scalp, scalp eczema, scalp psoriasis, a scalp infection or any other scalp disorder please contact us for diagnosis and treatment. We have clinics based in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire & Milton Keynes.



We offer a professional and supportive service 'providing therapeutic care for your scalp and hair' and look forwarding to helping you.


'When I began to notice what I felt to be a severe amount of hair loss at the age of 23 I was beside myself with worry and panic. I couldn’t even touch my hair without hair falling out on my lap. I also noticed a very flaky sore scalp which I felt like everybody could see as it looked very inflamed and white. I had multiple NHS  appointments regarding it yet no treatment seemed to be working. Booking a trichology appointment was my last resort and I didn’t think my hair would ever get any better. Jacqueline confirmed it was dermatitis of the scalp and reassuringly offered me treatment. She was very understanding and sensitive to my feelings although was honest and thorough with her consultation. I decided to go ahead and undertake the treatments she offered even though there was no promise my hair would grow back but perhaps my condition could be easier managed and further hair loss be prevented..


Around 6 months from my initial appointment I am over the moon to say new hair is growing back and my scalp looks normal with no flakes!! I understand my condition will always flare up, but if It is to shed again I will be reassured that it can be managed with treatment by Jacqueline. I really would advise anybody who is feeling upset/anxious about their hair/scalp to seek her advice. Her treatment has given me my confidence back. Thank you Jacqueline!'

A S - Northamptonshire


 Please visit our Testimonials page to see more genuine feedback received from our patients.



'I found Jacqueline of Martin Hair and Scalp Clinic online after a very distressing period of hair loss. Following an emotionally stressful few months and several bouts of illness, I experienced psoriasis and hair loss to the point that I really didn't recognise myself. My scalp was covered in psoriasis which was also uncomfortable. I had been given some steroid lotion from the doctor but it wasn't making a difference on its own, and I struggled to see how my scalp and hair could ever get back to normal. Unfortunately I had also developed amiantacea which I found particularly distressing and difficult to clear.


Jacqueline took an holistic approach, looking at blood test results, overall health and wellbeing, and contributing factors to what led my body to this point. I found this really helpful and it prompted me to start prioritising my health which inevitably helped my condition in the long run. Jacqueline was really honest that she didn't have a quick fix solution, but by improving my overall health, alongside treatment for my scalp, I'd see results over the coming months.


I'm pleased to say that after some scalp treatments and improved nutrition and vitamins, my psoriasis started to clear and eventually new hair started to grow. Jacqueline showed me which products to use, and how and when, to enable me to manage the condition on my own. As my hair now grows back, my scalp is completely clear, but I also know what steps to take early on if I experience another flare up.


I'm incredibly grateful for Jacqueline's expertise, supportive approach and professionalism. Thank you!'


N T - Leicestershire


 Please visit our Testimonials page to see more genuine feedback received from our patients.



With clinics in Northampton, Leicester and Milton Keynes we treat patients throughout Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.