Afro / Textured Hair

Afro hair in its natural state can range from very tight coils to more open looser curls and everything in between. These variations not only occur from one person to another but can often be seen within the same scalp. The bending/coiling of the hair shaft is due to  the elliptical shape of the hair follicle from which it emerges. Afro hair is weakest at the  areas along the strand where the bends occur and this inherent fragility can make it more susceptible to breakage from environmental factors and day to day handling.


Afro hair

Caring for Afro Hair

 Afro hair is subject to the same hair and scalp disorders and hair loss/alopecia as Caucasian and Asian hair, and varying degrees of hair shaft breakage will occur when Afro hair is exposed to heat, chemical or physical trauma, the same as for Caucasian and Asian hair. However, due to a weaker structure and a wider range of styling techniques and processes taking their toll, it is very important that a good hair care routine is maintained.


Afro hair is a dynamic structure that lends itself well to creating a myriad of different textures and forms, whether worn in its natural state, braided, plaited or softened/straightened with the use of chemical texturisers and relaxers. The last 10-15 years has seen an increasing shift away from chemical processing and the use of hot combing to straighten hair is now very rare.


Whichever way Afro hair is worn or the means by which the style is achieved the essential element for caring for Afro hair is ensuring and maintaining good moisture levels within the hair shaft at all times. This can be achieved by incorporating correct conditioning/deep conditioning practices as part of your regular hair care routine. Our clinics can offer the advice and support you need to  maintain healthy hair and scalp.



At the start of 2020 we introduced the award winning Phillip Kingsley range of trichological products into our clinics for use during in-clinic treatments for scalp and haircare and also for patients to purchase for home use. The products particularly compliment well with our steam treatments to provide deep cleansing and exfoliation of the scalp as well as excellent hydration and strength to hair strands, beneficial for all hair types and textures but essential for those of us with curly, coily, or  afro hair. Patient feedback has been so good that we are now incorportating more products from their range.



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