Top Tip: No. 1

Top Tip! - Deep Condition for Tip Top Condition

Its never too soon or too late to introduce weekly deep conditioning treatments into your hair care routine!



Every hair type, texture and length can benefit from regular deep conditioning treatments. 



Why do I need conditioner?

As hair grows and ages it is subject to everyday wear & tear e.g. combing/brushing, blow drying, use of heated styling appliances, chemical processing and sun damage.


Conditioner moisturises and strengthens the hair, closes the cuticles to limit moisture loss and improves overall manageability. Depending on the ingredients it can also reduce tangling, static electricity and offer protection against sun damage and heated styling appliances.




How does deep conditioning differ from regular conditioning?

Regular conditioners are usually of a creamy liquid consistency, and left on the hair for just a few minutes before rinsing. Conditioners used for deep conditioning treatments take the form of a cream or hair mask of a thicker, richer consistency and are usually left on the hair for a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes. 




To get the best  from your treatment

 After shampooing/rinsing, blot excess water from hair then apply treatment from mid length to ends of the hair. Cover with a shower cap then a towel (or micro fibre turban) and leave treatment on for minimum of 20 - 30 minutes. Heat generated under the shower cap will cause the cuticles to lift and enable the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. 


  • Over-processed or dry/parched hair

Initially aim to deep condition twice per week to improve texture and manageability. 

  • Fine Hair

Don't assume deep conditioning is not for you. If you chemically process your hair or regularly use thermal straighteners you will also benefit from deep conditioning treatments. Choosing a treatment specifically formulated for fine hair will ensure that it does not leave the hair feeling greasy, heavy, limp or lank. 


  • Afro textured hair

Use of a steamer (instead of shower cap / towel) enhances the treatment further and leaves hair softer and more manageable with improved elasticity. 

If hair is worn natural (not chemically treated) choose a silicone free conditioner as this will allow you to re moisturise your hair more effectively between shampooing.



 So Where do I start?

 For best results aim for a treatment that matches your hair type/texture and current condition. If you cannot find one conditioner that meets all your needs, buy 2 different ones and alternate them.